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Our Process


We strongly believe that these are the most important steps in any project. The unique talents and critical expertise required to make this important first step successful are among ADW's strongest attributes. We have incorporated Stephen Covey's "First Things First" principals in every endeavor our firm engages. The principals focus us on direction management over time management. With this in place, we strive to spend the majority of our time and energy planning to avoid problems as opposed to crises managing them as they occur.

Over the years ADW has had the privilege to work on the initial planning stages of an extremely diverse and unusually lengthy list of projects. Due to the recession of the early nineties, many of these projects never made it past the planning phase and even fewer were blessed with financing. Fortunately, this allowed ADW to hone our methods and streamline our systems to better plan projects for success.

In addition, ADW has developed the ability, through state-of-the-art technology, to help our clients realistically envision their projects. In the very early stages of the process, this has provided our clients with a powerful marketing edge and fundraising tool to help ensure project success.


Upon completion of the Feasibility Analysis, confirmation of the Program and approval of the Master Plan, the ADW team's creative talents and expertise are focused on developing and refining the design of the proposed project. A Schematic Design Package is created using hand drawn illustrations and state-of-the-art computer-generated images, depending on specific client requirements.

Upon client approval of design intent and confirmation of the budget, we continue to refine this design through preparation of a further detailed Design Development Document Package. These documents typically consist of computer-generated plans, elevation sections, and important details, as well as a refined outline specification of materials and components. These documents may then be used in additional budget confirmation, refinement of the design, and preliminary governmental approvals.


Proper documentation of the design for construction of a proposed project is critical to a project's ultimate success. It is in this phase that ADW calls upon years of experience, refined in-house systems, and advanced computer software to craft a customized construction document package for each of our individual clients. ADW utilizes an extensive library and database to produce clear, concise, and easy to use documents that help avoid costly change orders and delays.

Furthermore, we seek to avoid budget overruns and risky last minute value engineering by soliciting additional construction cost confirmation at fifty percent (50%) document completion and, if so needed, again at ninety-five percent (95%) completion. This continual budget confirmation avoids the too often heard of blown budgets at final bid and subsequent "value engineering" of vital project design intent. ADW strongly believes our challenge as design professionals is to endeavor to achieve design excellence while meeting our clients programming needs and budget constraints.


ADW's offices are strategically located in relation to the Baltimore County and Harford County Government Offices. Since the majority of our current client base is in, or adjacent to, these counties we enjoy a unique advantage in fostering key relationships to efficiently and expeditiously facilitate permit approvals. We have worked diligently at cultivating relationships with key personnel in the County Departments.

Upon submission for building permit to these jurisdictions, we systematically and continuously call each Department to facilitate expeditious approvals and a heightened level of attention for our projects. Due to our close proximity, we personally meet with reviewers to quickly iron-out any concerns they may have with a project.

When working on projects in adjacent counties or states, we call upon key consultants with established relationships in those municipalities to boost ADW's ability to facilitate permit approval in a timely fashion.


Prior to any mobilization or construction, ADW requires a pre-construction meeting with all of the decision making parties involved. In an effort to avoid miscommunicated design intent, this team meeting focuses on planning and establishing important methods and systems for communication. ADW, as our client's eyes and ears during construction, brings to the construction site decades of hands-on practical experience.

Photographic surveys, field reports, and shop drawing reviews are all conducted to help insure conveyance of design intent and construction progress. ADW firmly believes in a team approach and works closely with general and sub-contractors, as well as suppliers, to achieve the highest and best solutions on our clients behalf. Upon substantial completion, we develop a detailed "punch-out" list to serve as a standard for final completion of the project and follow through on each item until it meets our standards and our clients' approval for completion.


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